They love your pets like they are their own. Our team are highly trained in all things four legged! We are firm believers in knowing who is caring for your pet so meet our pack leaders below!


Everybody meet Sammi, one of the two founders and the sole owner of The Paws Pack. Sammi has over 10 years experience working with and looking after animals. She was a Guide Dog Puppy Trainer from a young age, going on to work at Pets At Home for 5 years where she was one of their reptile, small animal and fish experts. Sammi didn't stop there, she then went on to secure her diploma in Animal Care and has also become a qualified dog trainer as well as being pet first aid and CPR certified! Above all of this, she is the proud dog mama to our team member, Loki the Long Haired German Shepherd.


Everybody meet Johanna! Johanna is the second half of the founding team here at The Paws Pack. Saying that she loves animals more than humans, or even more than life itself, is quite possibly the understatement of the year! Johanna has also become certified in Animal First Aid and CPR as well as being a qualified dog walker (yes, that is a real thing! We take our job very seriously not just as a part time hobby!). Johanna has become quite the cat whisperer in opening The Paws Pack and is also the very proud Auntie to Loki the Long Haired German Shepherd and Kaiser the Rottweiler.


Everybody meet Loki!

Loki is the softest German Shepherd you will ever meet, his favourite past time is watching the butterflies in the garden during the summer and splashing around in the muddiest puddles he can find. Although you may not think a dog is a pack leader, oooooh are you wrong! Loki is a vital member of the team! Not only does he keep Sammi and Johanna sane, he also makes any walk a social walk should it be required! He absolutely loves making new friends and is fascinated by small dogs or puppies! He has a very vocal personality, especially when excited but he loves going to work with his mama!


Everybody meet Rachael! Rachael is our most experienced pack leader who has joined our ever growing team. With over 14 years serving in the British Army as a Dog Handler / Trainer we are over the moon to have her join the team! Rachael is available for the training walks as well as general petcare in the Leyland/Chorley area (mainly). She is a very bubbly pack leader and fits in with the team perfectly - we love having her on board and we are confident you will too! Rachael works part-time for us in her spare time as she is also a firefighter! As if all of that wasn't enough to make you love her, Rachael is also the very proud dog mama to Gus the Labrador.


Everybody meet Bex! Bex is one of the newer pack leaders to join our ever growing team and boy, are we happy to have her! With our pack growing constantly, we needed more help in the South Ribble areas so in came Bex! She currently works for the council in Animal Health two days a week so will be available to cover Rachael when she is working the firestation saving lives! Bex has fit seamlessly in to our team and we are very happy to have her on board! We are very confident in Bex, she is the proud mama to Millie the Chocolate Labrador, and we are sure you will love her too!

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