Going away this festive period and need someone to help with your feline friends_ 🐈_Give
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Heading on your holidays but need someone to look after your smaller pets? With YEARS of experience working and living with small animals, reptiles and fish, we are more than happy to help! This service is for us to pop in to your home, give your pet a health check, replenish their drinking water and bedding (if needed) and lay down fresh food for them. The rest of the time we have left will be spent letting them stretch their legs, giving them loads of care and attention, as well as those all important cuddles! Perfect for those low maintenance but still very important pets!

(This service is also perfect for young puppies, kittens and / or injured / recovering pets who need a toilet break whilst you're at work)



15 Minute Drop In
1 pet = £6.50
Each additional pet from the same household +£2

P R E S T O N , L A N C A S H I R E