Being a puppy is hard. Everything is new, and in most cases, quite scary! That is why we have designed our puppy socialisation walks to suit them. Suitable for puppies from being fully vaccinated (Bordertella included), this service will open your puppy up to a world of friends, fun and adventure.
As puppies are very impressionable and need nurturing in to environments, we will gradually introduce your pup to the world of doggy social walks. This will start by having a 1 to 1 walk with walker and puppy, then moving on to being introduced to one other like minded pup until eventually they are able to play and have confidence around other dogs.
Request a meet and greet today to get your puppy on the path to a fun filled, social life!



P R E S T O N , L A N C A S H I R E

Puppy Socialisation Walks
1 pet for 60minutes = £16
Each additional pet from the same household +£12