P R E S T O N , L A N C A S H I R E



You love socialising with your friends, so why wouldn't your dog? No matter the weather, we will be there to walk your favourite furry friend. As our most popular service, social walks are great to let your dog stretch their legs and have some fun with friends. This walk is designed for social dogs who just want to have a play with like minded dogs or dogs/puppies that need a bit more social interaction. The 60minutes does not start until we arrive at our destination so you can ensure your pooch will have plenty of sniffing, running and playing time too. We will also collect and return your dog to you / your address, and with our keyholder insurance, there is no need to worry about logistics or being home!


60 Minute Social Walk
One dog = £12.50
Each additional dog from the same household is charged at +£10