S O U T H P O R T , M E R S E Y S I D E

‼️NEW PACK MEMBER ALERT‼️ Yes, another one! We really have been busy bees here at Tails an
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Going away but have a very nervous cat so the cattery just simply is not the answer? Perhaps you just don't like the thought and stress of the upheaval from home to boarding? Then look no further! Our 30 minute drop in service is designed for pets of all ages, indoor and out, who love their homes and  human interaction. We understand that sometimes it is just easier to let your pet stay home! So we would want to make your time away as stress free as possible for both you and your feline friend. These visits include going in to your home, finding your furry best friend, check they are healthy and happy, feed them, replenish their water, clean out their litter tray/hutch/cage and give them a great deal of love and affection whether this be through play or snuggles. We can do this as many times a day as you require too!


30 Minute Drop In
1 pet = £8
Each additional pet from the same household +£3